Succeed in UK Market Entry

Comprehensive Market Entry Support & Services

Trade Horizons helps ambitious, growing companies expand their business into the UK, as well as helping those who are looking to establish a business in the UK as a gateway into Europe.

For companies looking to export to the UK our Sales Access service provides sales, marketing and distribution support to help create new revenue streams for your business.

For companies seeking to establish a presence in the UK, we can help at every stage of the market entry process – from initial market evaluation, planning and preparation; providing practical help when you arrive to establish your operations and start the sales process; as well as helping you to transition from a market entry project to an going sustainable business.

Throughout the market entry process we help drive revenue and commercial success by providing the specialised end-to-end knowledge, skills and support you need to facilitate the greatest chance of success.

Export to the UK & Set Up Business in the UK

Videos: UK Market Entry

Video: Trade Horizons - Helping Companies with UK Market Entry

Introduction Video

Our CEO and COO explain how Trade Horizons are helping companies with UK Market Entry.

Video: Trade Horizons - UKTI Brazil Trade Mission

CEO of Meu Peludo

Speaks about how Trade Horizons can help a Brazilian Tech Company enter the UK.

Video: Trade Horizons - Partnering with UKTI

James Calquhoun, UKTI

Talks at the UKTI Brazil Trade Mission on how Trade Horizons helps companies enter the UK.

Please Choose The Service You Require

Sales Access

Export to the UK
  • Sales, marketing & distribution for companies wishing to export their established products into the UK.

Prepare, Implement & Grow

Establish in the UK
  • Helping you evaluate, plan, prepare, land, establish and grow, to develop a long term sustainable business.

Market Expertise

Central to all of our services are our UK Business Coaches and Specialist Market Experts who will help you with the requirements for market entry and offer the local sector insights and introductions to help you succeed.

Specialist Partners

We partner with other highly respected organisations that provide specialist market entry assistance, such as tax, legal services, immigration, recruitment and marketing to ensure you achieve your strategic aims through a comprehensive, first class local programme of support.

Strategy & Execution

Strategic expertise combined with practical ‘hands on’ help is our core offer. We help Clients identify the best way to enter the UK to seize the greatest opportunities. We also help you implement your plans for growth.