International Trade Support

When local knowledge and cultural expertise is key

International Trade Support Services

International growth begins with intelligence and access. In simple terms – it is about what you know and who you know. Trade Horizons provides a range of complementary, end-to-end International Trade Support services that are relied upon by companies and Economic Development Organisations from all over the world.

Local Knowledge & Insight

We understand that growing internationally has many challenges and that these shift constantly from country to country and within domestic markets.

Our trade teams live and work in the countries where you want to go – they are in touch with what is happening in the local business community.

Their networks are local, in-country and so is their knowledge and insight.

International Trade Support Experience
International Trade Support

Our Judgement is Trusted

SMEs, large companies, regional and national governments trust our judgement and come to us when they want to grow exports.

What really sets us apart is our team, our associates, our partners and the network that we have amassed over many decades of international service.

We help you build your plans, but most importantly we implement the market entry and growth strategies to help accelerate business growth in new markets.

Services tailored to your Business

Trade Horizons offers end-to-end International Trade Support services with annual, multi-year or project-based representation. Our range of key services include the following:

On-the-ground Support Services:

  • Strategy development.

  • In-country advocacy support.

  • Network building.

  • Marketing campaigns.

Market Intelligence Services:

  • Country, industry and sector specific market studies.

  • Tailored market intelligence and industry analyses.

  • Investment demand and supply research.

  • International market studies & analysis.

  • Market opportunity for private sector clients for trade development.

  • Supply chain analysis.

  • Export readiness analysis and assessment.

Lead Generation:

  • Foreign direct investment attraction.

  • Trade/investment lead generation campaigns (country & sector focused).

  • Company target database development.

In-country Representation:

  • Internationalisation readiness workshops.

  • Trade promotion advisory services.

  • Trade mission / roadshow support.

  • Trade shows and exhibitions assistance.

  • One-to-one meetings with key investment decision makers.

  • Aftercare and retention programs.

  • Commercial negotiation.

  • Access to legal, accounting, logistics and regulatory advice.

Looking for International Trade Support?

We are partnered with Trade Agencies, Economic Development Organisations, Business Associations and Governments in order to promote Foreign Direct Investment and Exports. We understand the pivotal role that local knowledge and cultural expertise plays when entering new marketplaces. Please contact us to learn more.