Global Business Growth

Global Business Growth

We help international businesses expand into new markets

Global Business Growth

The Market Entry Experts

Trade Horizons is an award-winning market entry company, assisting ambitious companies to identify, develop and grow sustainable revenues in new geographic markets. We offer support to clients in international strategy development for their global business growth, and throughout the key phases of market entry execution – Align, Prepare and Launch.

Market Entry Preparation

Align Phase

Trade Horizons’ Align methodology delivers a realistic and actionable Go-To-Market Plan helping speed up the delivery of your objectives, reduce the overall costs of market entry, while minimising risks. We have developed a comprehensive, yet flexible, methodology through years of guiding companies with their decision making prior to launch.

Market Entry Launch

Prepare Phase

The correct sequencing of Preperation activities to drive early revenue capture is key to achieving a profitable market entry. The validation of propositions and clients as well as the ‘localisation’ of market offers is key to success. We support and enhance our clients’ capabilities with specifically designed offerings such as the Virtual Management Team (VMT) and Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT).

Market Entry Growth

Launch Phase

Once the initial ‘critical mass’ stage is reached we continue to support our clients to maximise their investment with tailored offerings such as Sales as a Service (SaaS) and Board Advisory support. We help our clients consolidate their position and to develop a sustainable business with a growing and profitable customer base.

Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory

Our strategy consulting is focused on developing and aligning capabilities with ambition in order to achieve clear Brand, Market and Offering Roadmaps to deliver global business growth. Our experienced team guide our clients on market choice and investment funding decisions.

Market Entry Services

Market Entry

The planning and execution of Market Entry are pivotal to the success of international investment. Our first-hand experience of consulting with hundreds of companies has allowed us to develop a robust methodology for defining and executing a variety of tailored strategies matching capabilities to opportunities.

Global Business Growth

International Trade Support

The International Trade Support partnerships we have developed around the world provide the vital expertise required for global business growth success. We are partnered with Trade Agencies, Economic Development Organisations, Business Associations and Governments in order to promote Foreign Direct Investment and Exports.

Global Business Growth Expertise

Extensive Local Knowledge & Vital Cultural Expertise

Trade Horizons provides a suite of on-the-ground services to support global economic development organizations (EDOs), investment promotion agencies and governments, connecting them with trade and foreign direct investment opportunities.

With a presence in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East, we offer a deeply experienced, multi-national team and network of experts, associates and partners that span over 100 countries and speak over 20 different languages. We understand the pivotal role that local knowledge and cultural expertise plays when entering new marketplaces.

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