Extensive Experience

The right skills to ensure market entry success

Successful Market Entry

Successful Market Entry Experience

Trade Horizons offers flexible, responsive support to ambitious companies to deliver breakthrough solutions and to help them realise their international expansion goals. We have extensive experience and a proven track record of helping clients of all sizes, in many different business sectors throughout the world, to achieve a successful market entry.

A Proven Track Record

We are privileged to assist clients from around the world enter new markets, helping a wide spectrum of companies of different size, maturity and market sector.

Our approach means that whatever your market sector, specialism or target market, we can provide you with the right local insights, tools, support and connections to help make your market entry a success.

The breadth of experience of the Trade Horizons team allows us to leverage global experience across a huge range of industry sectors to bring innovative solutions and approaches together to define the optimum solution to assist our clients.

Successful Market Entry Experience

Recent sectors we have advised on:

Green Economy

  • Waste Management

  • Marine Water Treatment

  • Home Insulation

  • Plant-based Disinfectants

Branded & Consumer Goods

  • Skincare & Toiletries

  • Fashion & Clothing

  • Household Products

  • Retail Chain


  • FinTech

  • Software Platform

  • Big Data

  • IT Services

Food & Drink

  • Wine

  • Spirits

  • Health Foods

  • Snacks

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Speciality Chemicals

  • Bespoke Furniture

  • Hydraulic Lifts

  • Automotive Parts

Life Sciences

  • Medical Devices

  • Blood testing services

  • Non-prescription health products

Recent Client Projects

Brief summaries of some of the recent projects we have undertaken for our clients:


Identify export markets for large-scale agricultural equipment sales

Growth Phase

Developed export markets for this US based irrigation infastructure manufacture. Logistics, water resources, government negotiations added substantial complexity to projects in Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Africa and Egypt.

Agriculture Sector – Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Australia


Established client in several retail chains with global footprints

Launch Phase

Identified, won contracts and prepared client for success in global retail stores headquartered in US, UK and France.

Automotive Sector – EU, Asia


Negotiated with EU wide governments

Advisory Phase

Helped US client navigate regulatory framework, economic incentives and select production location.

Biotech Sector – EU


Helped client build distribution channel

Growth Phase

Built indirect sales channel leading to placement in multiple regional & national retail chains.

Youth Fashion Sector – USA


Phase market entry project

Prepare Phase

Visit leading buyers in Korea, India and Japan to facilitate compliance testing and development of strategic launch strategy.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Sector – Asia


Build strategic partnerships and OEM relationships

Launch Phase

Advised on pan-European sales strategy incorporating priate label program and licensing agreements.

Consumer Electronics Sector – UK & EU

Successful Market Entry Experience

Real World Experience

Statistics show that companies who expand their business internationally significantly outperform companies that do not, yet four out of every five companies fail in market entry. Trade Horizons helps businesses accelerate towards sales and profits in new markets, whilst minimising the risks, to ensure market entry success.

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