Helping Expand your Business into the UK

Trade Horizons offers customised support for Clients seeking to expand and establish their business in the UK. We support companies during the key phases of market entry to establish a new presence here – Prepare, Implement and Grow

Market Entry Phase 1

  • Evaluate, plan and prepare your market entry to ensure you get your business up and running fast and cost-efficiently when you arrive.

Market Entry Phase 2

  • Establish your business and develop your sales pipeline by quickly connecting with the right customers, experts and suppliers to succeed.

Market Entry Phase 3

  • Consolidate your initial market entry and develop a long term sustainable business with a growing and profitable customer base.

Phase 1: Prepare
Develop Your Go-To-Market Plan

Trade Horizons provides strategic support and insight to help you with your market entry planning, helping speed up the delivery of your objectives, reduce your overall costs of market entry, and help minimise the risks. We can assist with any aspect of planning:

  • Evaluation – (Market Choice, Market Research, Market Sizing, Opportunity Analysis and Capability/Resource Assessment).
  • Planning – Analysis and selection of the best strategic entry route; market entry strategy, plan and business case.
  • Preparation – helping you prepare for your arrival.

We also offer a full ‘Prepare’ package service to take you through this whole phase and create a realistic and actionable go-to-market plan.

Most of the planning and preparation can be undertaken in your own country efficiently and cost effectively, working with our local experts remotely to help minimise your up front costs. We assign a dedicated business coach with knowledge of your sector to work closely with your organisation providing the valuable insights and knowledge you need to prepare for a successful UK market entry.

Develop your Go-to-Market Plan
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Create a Successful UK Operation
Create a Successful Business
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Phase 2: Implement

Create a Successful UK Operation

We can help provide the essential strategic and practical support you need to execute your market entry plan successfully and create a revenue generating business. On entering the UK, it is vital to validate and convert revenue opportunities as a priority. Having a realistic and actionable new business development plan that is executed professionally, is key to achieving your investment returns. We can help with:

  • Business Development & Sales: sales plan, identifying targets and leads, setting appointments, sales support.
  • Professional Support: local expertise and guidance.
  • Market Sector Access: introductions and access to local experts, industry contacts and networks, potential partners, reputable suppliers.
  • Business Set-up: practical support.

One of our Business Coaches can work with you to provide professional support, and sector mentors, reputable suppliers, key industry contacts and relevant networking can be introduced as required. Our aim at this stage is to support you as much as you need to help you to focus on the business development required for creating a successful UK business.

Phase 3: Grow

Developing Your Business

Having established your business in the UK and succeeded in winning the first customers, growing is the next challenge. Transitioning from a project ‘start-up’ to a going concern is essential to ensuring that initial success is maintained. Trade Horizons provides assistance here to support you with this next stage of growth.

What is working or not? How are resources are matching with required investments? Is the length of your sales cycle appropriate for revenue requirements? Have you got a growing pipeline and is it leading to sufficient sales? Have you got repeat business? Do you have the right people for growth? Are you in the best location for growing your operations? Do the initial assumptions for growth and returns need adjusting, and if so, how will this impact your organisation?

We can help you with any specific aspect of your growth plan, as well as an overall assessment of your current position and development of the plan itself.

For more information on how we can help you, please contact us.

Phase 3: Grow - Developing Your Business
Grown Your Business
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Expand Into The UK

We assist you in creating a realistic strategy so when you arrive you are ready to get your business up and running quickly.

Establish Your Business

We provide access to local experts and contacts to help accelerate the development of your business and sales pipeline.

Successful UK Operation

We help your business growth by ensuring your strategy and plans are on track for success.

Business Coaches, Specialist Market Experts and Mentors

Providing Clear Direction

Central to the programme are Business Coaches, Specialist Market Experts and Mentors that help guide you through the myriad of requirements for market entry. With expertise relevant to your business sector our professionals are well placed to assist you meet your goals.

We partner with other highly respected organisations that provide specialist market entry assistance, such as tax, legal services, recruitment and marketing to ensure that you can achieve your strategic aims through a comprehensive, first class local programme of support.

The UK Market Entry Specialists

Practical Market Entry Experience

The Trade Horizons Model combines the best of consultancy and business school knowledge, accelerator and incubator practice, plus years of practical market entry experience gained from working around the world for some of the world’s largest companies.

Trade Horizons are not consultants, we are market entry accelerators. Most of all, we are experienced market professionals passionate about helping our clients succeed in their business goals and thrive as they enter into new markets. We are the market entry experts.