Export into the UK

Sales, Marketing & Distribution Expertise

Product Sales, Marketing & Channel Experts

The Trade Horizons’ UK Sales Access service offers accelerated sales, marketing and channel preparation for companies wishing to export their established products into the UK. This may preceed full market entry to allow the products to be tested in the marketplace, or part of an export strategy to generate new revenue streams from the UK market.

  • Market validation and product positioning
  • Tailored channel selection to meet to your specific goals
  • Accelerated market entry and revenue generation

Our expertise in UK market entry and years of practical experience working with some of the world’s largest companies means we understand Clients’ needs across many markets, and offer a quality, integrated sales and marketing approach as required.

Relevant Expertise

Market Sector experts advise on sales strategies and tactics.

Opening The Right Doors

Established retail and sector relationships helps open doors for you.

Years of Experience

From on the ground revenue generation to strategic foresight.

Access Services

Analysis: For new market entrants, we typically analyse the marketplace for your particular product and advise on which channels, pricing and positioning strategies will offer the greatest returns on investment. This will involve in-depth competitor analyses, pricing reviews, and channel expectation management, to ensure that all risks and costs and opportunities are fully understood before your products are launched in the UK.

Execution: We will also execute the market entry plan for you, helping to raise brand awareness ahead of a launch, facilitating introductions, and generating demand within the right channel partners for your business. We will ensure that your brand is represented in line with your company’s values, vision and goals.

Creating Rapid Business Opportunities