Get To Know the German Federal State of Saxony – The Robotics Place to Be in the Heart of Europe

Registration is open: A great way to discover cooperation and investment opportunities available to international companies who intend to expand in one of Europe´s leading robotics and automation markets.

Meet representatives of one of Europe’s leading robotics centers at the Automate Show 2024 (May 6th – 9th, 2024). Discover Saxony’s / Germany’s robotics & automation value chain, meet potential partners, find out how to enter the rising market and establish sustainable cooperation.

The Saxony Trade & Invest Corp. (WFS) invites US-based companies and networks to an info event with and about Saxony – a German region with more than 200-year tradition as a mechanical engineering location, where digitalization and automation are more than just production processes. Participation at the event is free of charge.

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Your Benefits:

  • Insights into the current developments of the robotics & automation sector in Saxony / Germany,
  • Overview of the robotics ecosystem in the region
  • Presentation of the options on how best to expand your business activities to Germany – Europe’s largest market,
  • Companies already based in the region report on their experiences
  • Benefit from the extensive network of the organisers:
    • Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI), the economic development agency of Germany
    • Saxony Trade & Invest Corp. (WFS – Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH), the economic development agency of the German Federal State of Saxony
    • Trade Horizons Ltd., the market entry company
  • Exclusive information on interesting partners and first contacts already on site,
  • Quick follow-ups and broad support after the meeting.

The trip is part of the support program “Internationalization of Regions Undergoing a Structural Change (ISW).”

About Robotics Location Saxony

With its uniquely strong ICT, mechanical engineering and software expertise, Saxony sets its own course in robotics and automation technologies. This is not only assured by university spin-offs and robotics start-ups, but also by well-established automation companies. Such technology enterprises as Wandelbots, XENON, Fabmatics, or such R&D institutes as Fraunhofer IWU or CETI at the Dresden University of Technology are developing widely acclaimed innovations.

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More information and program coming very soon! Let´s stay in touch!

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