From June 24 to 28, 2024, Trade Horizons Limited, on behalf of Germany Trade and Invest Gesellschaft für Außenwirtschaft und standortmarketing mbH, is organizing a German Trade Mission to Silicon Valley.

The mission aims to assist German companies in understanding the US market, sharing their technologies, and developing strategic relationships with relevant US companies through intensive networking.

The delegation includes six innovative German companies with various technologies in the automotive sector (E-Mobility, Autonomous Driving) with a focus on cybersecurity, AI, and big data:

Participating Delegates and Their Expectations:

BeamNG GmbH

Focus: Real-time vehicle simulations with soft-body physics, applicable to ADAS development, autonomous vehicle training, driving behavior research, and electric vehicle simulation. Their engine was first released in 2013 and is now widely available for entertainment and professional industrial simulation purposes.

Expectation: Collaborate with industry partners and research institutions.

CISPA Helmholtz Zentrum für Informationssicherheit

Focus: They are the world-leading research institute for cybersecurity (CSrankings 2018-2024), a globally leading research center. They have not only worked with companies such as Google, Meta, Apple, AWS, Intel, Arm, Volkswagen, Airbus, and Accenture.

Expectation: Find new potential partners for initiating breakthrough research collaborations.

e-mobilio GmbH

Focus: 360° ecosystem and software solutions for seamless customer transition to electromobility, offering tailored products and services. E-mobilio offers a seamless customer journey for the transition to electromobility for B2B, B2B2C, and B2C customers as well as customer insights derived from millions of data points.

Expectation: Connect with potential business partners from the automotive, electromobility, energy, and digital sectors, and attract potential investors.

LUIS Technology GmbH

Focus: Functional safe AI for autonomous operation and driving of mobile machinery. Their focus is on embedded vision, embedded AI and driver assistance systems, especially for commercial vehicles. With their hardware and software solutions, we enable sophisticated automation applications.

Expectation: Partner with US companies for AI-based and functionally safe solutions for ADAS, automation use cases, and autonomous driving.

Asoftnet GmbH & Co. KG

Focus: IT security system house – from prevention to Security Operation Center (SOC) to forensics, targeting critical infrastructures like banks, energy producers, and automotive.

Expectation: Seek technological partners for joint further development and investors for AI-supported cybersecurity.


Focus: Certification technology for security & sustainability, especially in the automotive industry, offering audit readiness and certification solutions. With a focus on reducing costs, and streamlining operations, ISEGRIM X leverages cutting-edge AI, automation, digitization, and APIs to deliver efficient and scalable solutions.

Expectation: Find strategic partners from the certification sector, automotive industry, and information & cyber security.

For more information or to schedule a meeting with the delegation, please contact Richard Biggs at