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Selling in the ‘New Normal’

Securing sales remains top of the agenda for businesses big and small, as countries across the world begin to relax lockdown restrictions and life returns to a new kind of normal. So, what do businesses need to consider, when thinking about their sales strategies and the best approach to take?

Sales and Marketing Activity During Lockdown

Many companies will be finding themselves with a diminished workforce, hibernated operations and a huge sense of uncertainty about what the future holds. Very few small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) will have put in place plans to help steer them through this period of crisis. So, what sales and marketing activity should be done now?

Package your Product for UK Market Entry – 7 Tips for Effective Packaging

As the UK economy continues to outperform other EU markets, many international brands are choosing the UK as a launch platform to enter Europe. However with such diverse cultures and tastes, aesthetic preferences, languages, and legal disclosures, how can a brand successfully steer through the landmine of product packaging and deliver not only a legally compliant product, but also one that appeals to the consumers of the UK and rest of EU? To help get you started, here are 7 tips for making sure your product packaging is fit for UK market entry.

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