Free BBQ networking dinner with British AI delegation

INVITATION: Networking Dinner with British AI Companies

TIME: from 6pm – late

LOCATION: Digital Hub Industry, Konrad-Zuse-Straße 6a, 28359 Bremen, Germany

PROGRAMME: greetings and pitches of British AI delegation, followed by BBQ dinner with plenty of networking opportunities

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: German companies working in or with an interest in artificial intelligence. For example, automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, medical, automation, robotics

COST: Free

Innovation, artificial intelligence and good vibes

We would like to invite German companies in the AI sector to exchange ideas and networking with the British companies at the Bremen AI Days 2024.

The influence of artificial intelligence on our lives has reached the general public with ChatGPT at the latest. In the world of work in particular, it is and can be used successfully as a driver for business, science and society.

From current research in the field of autonomous driving to the use of AI for faster and more precise cancer diagnosis, Bremen AI networking dinner offers a wide range of learning and networking opportunities. In addition to workshops by active members of Bremen’s AI scene, numerous practical applications will be presented.

The networking dinner brings together established companies, universities, start-ups, supporting service / advice centres and individual “digital talents” in a space with ideas, experimentation and cooperation with an industrial focus. Technologies such AI, Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, have changed the way we interact, work, produce, and can successfully impact on business, science and society as a whole.

German companies in the AI sector have the opportunity to meet British companies in speed business networking session. In the evening, we will provide a platform for open conversation with representatives from selected Bremen companies in a relaxed atmosphere during the BBQ networking dinner.

The delegation is open for B2B meetings and networking with German companies and other interested parties from the AI sector. Please contact our team if you wish to get to know one or more of the participants:

PolyChord Ltd: PolyChord has next generation data analytics technology (spun out of Cambridge University Astrophysics 6 years ago). We are doing consultancy work with the Ministry of Defence and infrastructure providers. We are also making products, particuarly a recent one which speeds up computation in simulated environments – applied to Clean Mobility such as EV battery and Fuel Cell development.

digiLab Solutions: digiLab is a deep tech lab specialising in probabilistic machine learning (ML) and uncertainty quantification (UQ). We are experts in trusted and explainable machine learning for safety critical applications and environments. digiLab works with an array of global organisations focused on safety critical applications across the fusion, nuclear fission, aerospace, energy, engineering, and environmental protection sectors.

TM Robotics (Europe) Ltd: Shibaura Machine’s EMEA distributor for Industrial Robots. Supplier of Industrial Robots and automation solutions through a network of key partners throughout EMEA.

AI Tech UK: AI Tech UK is an AI knowledge, Management and Governance leader helping accelerate advanced tech adoption for businesses across the UK. They empower businesses to grow with AI adoption, manage AI Strategy and governance efficiently, successfully and confidently.

Skyrora Ltd: Skyrora designs, manufactures, and deploys rockets to clear the way for small satellite manufacturers looking to access space.

Oxford Immune Algorithmics Ltd: Our cross-disciplinary team consists of AI experts, medical leaders, and pioneers in IoT and optical engineering working at the forefront of science and technology. With our multidisciplinary approach, we are able to tackle some of the most pressing human health challenges, such as infection, cancer, antibiotic resistance, and tropical diseases from a technological and commercial-viability point of view.

Digica Solutions Limited: Digica is an independent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence company. We help our clients by applying the latest Data Science and AI tools and techniques to their systems and products. This leads to highly customized solutions for our customers. Based on our own extensive research program our experienced team makes sure that the best available approach is applied in any situation. We have deep expertise in the field of image processing including Deep Learning for Computer Vision and leading-edge commercial implementation of Synthetic Imaging.

Shadow Robot Company: Shadow is an employee-owned engineering SME developing advanced technologies in the robotics space. Shadow develops the worlds most advanced hand for robots, used widely in AI and Robotics technology development. We’ve received the AIConics award for “Best Hardware for AI”, a Queens Award for Innovation, and have been selected by NASA and ESA for their robotics programmes. is leading a software revolution, breaking down barriers to technology creation. Using an an AI-powered composable software platform for every idea and company on the planet. The AI-powered assembly line fuses together Lego-like reusable features, using Building Blocks™ automation to reduce human effort, leveraging a verified network of experts to vastly extend development capabilities, producing software and apps at almost zero failure rate that are multitudes less expensive and faster than traditional software development. Artlist offers content creators powerful video and image editing software, and over 1,000,000 professional digital assets under a revolutionary, global license that covers every project worldwide.

For more information contact Alessandra Baldoni, Trade Horizons +49 228 763833-84