The finalists in the LatAm Edge Awards have been announced. Each company has been invited to London to take part in the final stage of the first British award for young ambitious Latin American tech companies looking to expand internationally, starting in the UK.

The LatAm Edge Awards were launched with a view to identify ambitious Latin American companies with a proven business model and the potential for scalability within the UK and beyond, and help them realise international growth. It was co-founded by Trade Horizons, Incisive Edge and GrupoCASA.

The finalists chosen are from Chile and Brazil and will be presented to the London Tech and Investor Community on 26th October 2016.

IN LOCO MEDIA is a Brazilian market leader in micro-location, a platform for communications powered by the most accurate (1 metre) and scalable indoor location technology: proximity messaging without beacons/GPS or Bluetooth.

SOLIDES TECHNOLOGY from Brazil have created behavioural technology for HR management – a complete software system to help automate the hiring and development processes, create training plans, and optimising HR management to reduce turnover costs and increase staff productivity.

ZEHNK, also from Brazil, has developed an extremely intuitive and flexible collaborative task and project management working solution that also enables live communication, in one single page.

TOC BIOMETRICS from Chile have a patented biometric authentication system for all sorts of applications, operations and industries – guaranteeing security, privacy and total traceability – and replacing the need for passwords.

SAMI also from Chile enables companies to take control of their total environmental impact, offering a ‘neural network’ linking customers and suppliers that measures, compares, evaluates and reports on a variety of environmental and sustainability indicators.

The timetable for next year’s LatAm Edge Award will also be announced at the LatAm Edge Award ceremony on 26th October 2016, and will be held at London & Partners.

For more information please visit the LatAm Edge Award website at