1. Who are you & where are you based?

Giulio Jossa moved to the UK twenty years ago and has been helping companies enter the UK for since he arrived. Giulio has worked with Trade Horizons for the past five years. Read Giulio’s insights here.

  1. Challenges for companies coming into your country?

The UK is a highly competitive market – if anything companies underestimate the level of difficulty to compete. The key to be very prepared with a strong strategy, & execute precisely. This is what we do at Trade Horizions – we help the plan to succeed with data driven evidence & proven strategies.

  1. Opportunities for companies coming into your country?

There are such great opportunities for companies entering the UK. It’s one of the G7 or in the top 7 of the world’s largest economies. However, it’s not just how rich the country is but but how strategically positioned it is to help companies access the wider EU and global market – if you make it here, you can make it anywhere.

  1. Why did you want to join Trade Horizons?

I wanted to surround myself with professionals to be able to progress personally & professionally. I wanted to be influenced by people with deep expertise in market entry & trade, and join forces with a like-minded tram of individuals, so I joined Trade Horizons.

  1. How do you think your country pitches itself?

If we talk about the country where I come from (Italy), I must (sadly) say, poorly.

Italy has a lot of potential, but it is unable to free the energies for several reasons. Italian companies, in my view, put too much emphasis on the product but totally underestimate how important are other aspects (strategy, human resources, marketing, web, services, branding, etc…) to succeed.

  1. Cultural differences?

The main difference between Italy and the UK is in the business culture, more precisely how entrepreneurs perceive investments and the risks associated to them. Italian companies mainly invest in production related goods (machinery, warehouses, stock, etc…) but are extremely wary about spending in services to support sales.

  1. Surprises?

No surprises, Italian companies can make excellent products: the combination of taste, creativity and manufacturing skills is unique. With the right guidance and strategy they can thrive.

  1. How do companies market to their customers in your country?

I have spent most of my professional life here in the UK, not entirely sure what kind of progresses have been made since I left. However, when I happen to work with Italian clients, I believe they lag behind the UK on all the aspects mentioned at point 1.

  1. How are foreign brands perceived here?

It’s difficult to tell, food is definitely something Italians are obsessed with and will never have an open mind about foreign food. Other products are gaining traction/commonly used because of the combination of the globalisation, e-commerce and a progressive reduction in purchase power Italians have experienced in the last 20 years.

  1. Fun little-known fact about your country

A lot of fun facts about my country but all well-known (a mix of fun and grotesque)!

  1. Top 3 priorities for 2022?

Priority Number 1: putting the pandemics behind.

Number 2: convert as many leads as possible out of those I have on the table at the moment.

Number 3: Expand my network/collaborations and create a pipeline of projects for second part of 2022 and further.

Thanks for talking to us Giulio! See you in the UK. 

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