From May 13th – 16th, 2024, Trade Horizons Limited, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, is organizing a Trade Mission for German SMEs in the Pharmaceutical sector to London, Cambridge and Oxford.

The project is designed to support the internationalisation of German companies (mainly but not exclusively SMEs) and it is a great opportunity for them to understand local dynamics, connect with British businesses and organisations, promote bilateral relationships and explore collaboration opportunities.

Our supporting partners will open their doors to the delegates and show them what each ecosystem forming the world renowned Golden Triangle is capable of.

The visiting companies provide top scientific expertise for R&D as well as cutting edge lab technology.

The delegation is open for B2B meetings and networking with British Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, Research Facilities, Science Parks, Clusters and Academia. Any other stakeholder in the Life Sciences sector is welcome to join the events.

Key Dates

Dates and events open to British participants are the following:
14th of May from 9:00 to 13:00, Mission Presentation at Babraham Campus Cambridge
15th of May from 14:30 to 17:30, Networking at Sycamore House with Stevenage Bioscience Stakeholders
16th of May from 13:45 to 17:00, Networking/B2B/Matchmaking at Oxford Science Park

Participant Profiles 

YUMAB GmbH: YUMAB is a biotechnology company specializing in the development of fully human, therapeutic antibodies. They focus on “fully human” antibodies from “nature-derived” human antibody sequences, minimizing toxicity and immunogenicity risks. Download full profile here.

Biofidus AG: Biofidus is a contract research organization (CRO) providing fast and reliable solutions for complex analytical challenges. They specialize in bioanalytical services, including protein sequence analysis, impurity analysis, and bioactivity studies. Download full profile here.

Dürr Technik GmbH & Co. KG:  Dürr Technik is a pioneer in environmentally friendly, oil-free air compressor technology. They provide solutions for various sectors, including the medical sector (hospitals, clinics) and laboratories, offering oil-free compressors and drying facilities. Download full profile here.

Sciomics GmbH: Sciomics is a biotechnology company dedicated to protein profiling for biomedical research. They offer advanced services using their scioDiscover microarray platform, supporting biomarker identification, drug target discovery, and mode-of-action analysis. Download full profile here.

MBL, eine Marke der BSW-Anlagenbau GmbH: MBL stands for Material handling, Blending, and Lifting systems. They specialize in providing system solutions for process-accompanying equipment in various industries, including pharma, biotech, fine chemistry, and life sciences. Download full profile here.

BAG Health Care GmbH: Bag Healthcare focuses on aseptic filling and freeze-drying of parenterals. They prioritize consistently high quality with a commitment to customer and employee satisfaction, providing solutions and support in the pharmaceutical production sector. Download full profile here.

KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH: KNAUER manufactures high-end scientific instruments, with a focus on liquid chromatography. They offer customizable products and solutions, supporting research, routine analysis, and quality assurance in various industries, including pharmaceuticals. Download full profile here.

Membrapure GmbH: MembraPure provides solutions in lab water systems, TOC detection, amino acid analysis, and ion analysis. Their products cater to various laboratory needs, producing pure and ultra-pure water and facilitating analysis in different water qualities. Download full profile here.

Mediagnost Gesellschaft für Forschung und Herstellung von Diagnostika GmbH: Mediagnost is a diagnostics manufacturer, offering test systems for infection diagnostics and endocrinology. They provide comprehensive research services, including the development of diagnostics and patent-protected test systems. Download full profile here.

WALDNER Holding SE & Co. KG: Waldner AG is a leading manufacturer of laboratory furniture, known for its modular SCALA system. They provide a range of products, including laboratory furniture, fume hoods, and equipment for various industries, including pharma and biotech. Download full profile here.

Lambda Biologics GmbH: Lambda Biologics is the world’s first animal-free solutions hub based in Leipzig. They offer solutions in organoid modeling, oncology drug efficacy evaluation, skin and cosmetics testing, spatial biology, toxicology, OECD testing, and research services. Download full profile here.

esqLABS GmbH: esqLABS is a service partner specializing in modeling and simulation for decision-making in pharmaceutical product development. They integrate R&D data to optimize dosing, study design, and decision-making processes, increasing efficiency in drug development. Download full profile here.

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