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Our market entry blog covers a range of topics relating to international business expansion. Articles tackle many different subjects, including the initial planning and preparation stages of growing your business, advances in technology you can take advantage of, through to sales & marketing, packaging and branding advice. Written by leading experts in their field, you’ll be sure to find something of interest and real-world practical advice if you are looking to grow your business around the world.

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Clustervermarktung USA für Automotive-Unternehmen

Vom 24. bis zum 28. Juni 2024 führt Trade Horizons Limited, im Auftrag der Germany Trade and Invest Gesellschaft für Außenwirtschaft und standortmarketing mbH und in Zusammenarbeit mit saaris – saarland.innovation&standort e.V. sowie der gwSaar – Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung Saar mbH, eine Clustervermarktungsreise in die USA (San Francisco, Silicon Valley) durch. Die Reise richtet sich an im Saarland ansässige Unternehmen aus dem Bereich Automotive mit Schwerpunkt auf Cyber Security, AI, und Big Data. Die Zielgruppe beinhaltet kleine und mittlere Unternehmen (Produktion, Zulieferbetriebe, Vertrieb, Dienstleistung usw.), Forschungs- und Entwicklungseinrichtungen (inklusive Universitäten), Start-ups und Netzwerke.

24th January 2024|Trade Mission|

Trade News January #4: Geopolitics, Taiwan, Tuscany, Delhi, Indonesia, Lagos, Africa, Canada

In an increasingly interconnected world, the dynamics of global trade are constantly evolving. McKinsey's insightful article, "Geopolitics and the geometry of global trade," provides a comprehensive analysis of these changes. The article explores how geopolitical distance impacts global goods trade, with a particular focus on globally concentrated products. It highlights the shifting trade patterns of major economies like China, Germany, the UK, and the US, and emerging economies like those in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Brazil, and India. The article also delves into the surge of greenfield investment flowing to developing economies, particularly in Africa and India. With a forward-looking perspective, it discusses the future trade-offs and strategies businesses need to adopt to navigate this uncertain landscape. The article is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the complex interplay between geopolitics and global trade.

22nd January 2024|General|

Trade News January #3: Nigeria, UK-Turkey, Vietnam-Czech, Kazakhstan, Poland, Egypt

In the dynamic landscape of global economics, Nigeria is emerging as a promising pole of growth. With its rich natural resources and low cost of labour, the country has become the third host economy for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Africa, behind Egypt and Ethiopia. In 2021, FDI flows to Nigeria totalled USD 4.8 billion, more than doubling from the previous year. Despite the challenges of widespread corruption, political instability, and infrastructural issues, Nigeria has shown a remarkable resilience and adaptability. The recent efforts by the Nigerian government to merge trade, industry, and investment under the ambit of the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment reflect a strategic move to improve its trading and investment environment. This initiative, coupled with the country's intention to diversify its economy away from oil by building a competitive manufacturing sector, has piqued the interest of foreign investors.

15th January 2024|General|

Trade News January 2: Korea, Cambodia, Ukraine, Elections, South Africa, Namibia

South Korea, a nation known for its technological prowess, has drawn a record amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2023. This surge in investment is a testament to the growing confidence in South Korea's technology sector, which has become more deeply embedded in global supply chains since the pandemic. In 2023, about $18.8 billion of funds flowed into South Korea, marking a 3.4% increase from the previous year. The electronics sector accounted for $3 billion of the total investment. This sector is underpinned by two major pillars: semiconductors and rechargeable batteries.

9th January 2024|General|

Trade News January 1: Texas, Scotland, UK, Europe, Tech, Wine, Hungary

In an era where global partnerships are increasingly crucial, the Texas Economic Development Connection recently led a groundbreaking initiative that has set a new benchmark in international economic relations. The Japan-Taiwan Economic Development Trade Mission has been a resounding success, demonstrating the strength and versatility of Texas as a global business destination. This mission, powered by Day One Experts, was driven by the goal of forging robust international partnerships, facilitating trade expansion, and encouraging foreign direct investment in Texas. The mission was led by prominent figures such as Super Dave Quinn, CEcD, founder of Day One Experts, and Carole Tam, CCIM, owner of TAC Brokerage & Consulting. Their expertise and vision have been instrumental in guiding this initiative towards success.

1st January 2024|Trade Mission|
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