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Our market entry blog covers a range of topics relating to international business expansion. Articles tackle many different subjects, including the initial planning and preparation stages of growing your business, advances in technology you can take advantage of, through to sales & marketing, packaging and branding advice. Written by leading experts in their field, you’ll be sure to find something of interest and real-world practical advice if you are looking to grow your business around the world.

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April Update #4: Spectacular UK India deal, Philippines allows foreign ownership, Vietnam law change, Netherlands & Israel food funding, China law tweaks

he big news this week of course is that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced £1bn new commercial deals on landmark India visit. Along with commercial agreements, the partnership ‘hails in a new era for trade investment and technology.’ The PM landed in Gujarat this week with a remit to boost collaboration with India, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing economies. More than 11,000 new jobs are expected to be created in the £1bn export and investment deals including a new electric bus R&D scheme in Chennai (which we wrote about recently as a thriving R&D hub), UK car plants, tech & consultancy company inward UK investment, pharma machinery deals and space collaboration.

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